Do it all for Allah Alone

“God is in no need of someone abstaining from food and drink if they do not abstain from evil deeds and evil words.”

“actions shall be judged according to intention”

Ramadan is not about the giving up of food and water, it is about righteousness and God-consciousness. So don’t give up your food and water if it’s not for Allah

It is about making one a better person and a better Muslim. Tips on getting the best of rewards in the month:

Make Niyyah to Fast (only) for Allah alone.
This is the only way to ensure maximum reward for
your actions in shaa Allah

Read the Quran for Allah
“It is better to read just one page of the quran
(with the niyyah to please Allah) than read the
Complete Quran several times to showoff

Give as much minutes, hours and days of Ramadan to Allah
Spend more of your time to please Allah, and less time for none and less rewarding activities

Give more for Allah’s Sake
Be bounteously generous
Give as much as you can from what you have,
Money, food, love, dua, kindness etc. The
Prophet was a generous man. but in Ramadan
he was reported to be especially generous(So Should you)

Make Dua like Never Before
Have absolute trust that your dua will
Be answered, especially since this is
Your best Ramadan yet. Go all the way for it